Policy of Confidentiality

We acknowledge the importance of information confidentiality. The following document determines which personal information we shall obtain and collect when you use the site https://mrspolandinternational.com/ . We hope that this information helps you make weighed decisions regarding the personal information you provide us.

 Public Information

  1.  If you simply browse the site without registration, no information about you is published on the site.

  2. When you apply to take part in the contest, the information will only be available to the administration of the project and is not published on the site.


Visitor Identification

  1. You may apply to take part in the contest on the web-site and you may not.

  2. If you applied, you provide your surname, name and patronymic, e-mail address, phone number, address of residence and other data stated in the application form to the administration. These data shall not be transferred to the third parties without your permission and shall not be published on the site.


  1. E-mail address provided at registration shall not be demonstrated to other visitors of the site.

  2. We may store e-mail messages and other letters sent by the users in order to process the queries of the users, answer their requests and improve our services.

 Phone Number

  1. Phone number provided at registration shall not be demonstrated to other visitors of the site.

  2. We may keep your phone number only as an additional means of contacting you as well as checking the details in case you forgot to provide any information during the application process.


  1. When you visit the site, your computer is sent one or two cookie-files. It is a small file containing a number of symbols which allows us to identify the browser.

  2. When you register on the site, your computer may be sent additional cookie-files which allow to avoid entering user name (possibly password) on your next visit. You may delete them after the end of the session if you use a public computer and do not wish to reveal your pseudonym to users after you (in this case you will also need to clean browser cache).

  3. Most browsers are initially set up in order to accept cookie-files. However, you may prohibit usage of cookie-files completely or set up a message being shown when such files are sent.


  1. During every visit of the site our servers automatically record the information provided by your browser. As a rule, such information includes the requested web-page, computer IP-address, language settings of the browser, date and time of the request as well as one or two cookie-files which allow to identify your browser.


  1. The links on this web-site may be given in the way which allows us to monitor whether they are being used by the visitors (“utm” links). This information is used to improve the quality of advertising on the site.

 Changes to the Policy of Confidentiality

  1. Please pay attention that the policy of confidentiality may be changed from time to time. All the changes to the policy of confidentiality are published on this page.

 Reasons for Data Processing

  1. The administration of the site processes information on the Users, including their personal data, in order to fulfill their duties as the Site Administration for the Users regarding the usage of the Site and its services.

 Personal information processing is carried out on the basis of the following principles:

  1. lawfulness of the reasons and methods of personal information processing;

  2. decency;

  3. correspondence of the reasons for processing of personal data to the purposes defined and stated in advance at the collection of personal data as well as to the authorities of the Site Administration;

  4. correspondence of the volume and character of the personal data being processed and methods of personal data processing to the purposes of personal data processing;

  5. inadmissibility of uniting of databases containing personal data created for incompatible reasons.

 Measures on User Information Protection

  1. The Site Administration takes technical, organizational and legal measures in order to provide protection to the personal data of the User from illegal or accidental access, destruction, contortion, blockage, copying, sharing as well as from other illegal actions.